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10-20mm 21-36mm 36mm above Rectangular Cabinet

mini spekaermicro speaker

1 Type Dynamic speaker
2 Dimension External diameter 36 mm
3 Rated Input Power 2.0W.
4 Max. Input Power 3.0W.
5 Impedance 8 ohm ± 15% at 1K Hz
6 Resonance Frequency (Fo) 420 Hz ± 20% at Fo, 1V
7 Sensitivity (S.P.L.) 82dB(1.0W/1m) ± 3 dB at AVE 0.5K,0.7K,0.9K,1.0K Hz.
    101dB(1.0W/0.1m) ± 3 dB
8 Frequency Range Fo – 20K Hz
9 Total Harmonics Distortion Max. 8% at 1K Hz ,1.0W.
10 Voice Coil Diameter 13.2 mm
11 Magnet Rare earth permanent (Ferrite) magnet Φ12.5 x 4 mm
12 Weight 16.5g ± 2g
13 Appearance Should not exist any obstacle to be harmful to normal operation; damages, cracks, rusts and distortions, etc.
14 Operation Test Must be normal at program source 1.0W
15 Buzz, Rattle, etc. Should not be audible at 2.83V sine Wave between Fo to 20KHz
16 Polarity When positive voltage is applied to the terminal marked (+), diaphragm should move to the front.
17 Terminal Strength Capable of withstand 1kg load for 30 seconds without resulting in any damage or rejection.
18 Temperature Operating temperature: -20℃ to +60℃
    Storage temperature: -30℃ to +70℃

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